Massimo Bonini is the worldwide leader platform in the development and wholesaling of fashion footwear, handbags and accessories.

A family-run company, Massimo Bonini empowers imagination, supporting designers and creators in building strong brands through synergies, experience and a focus on organic growth.

The power of community, new ideas and the expression of creativity though savoir-faire and a modern approach to luxury are the pillars to Massimo Bonini’s strategy.

About Us

Since more than 30 years Massimo Bonini empowers talents by giving brands a platform to develop their accessories business worldwide.


Wholesale Distribution, Showroom, Consulting, Communication and Development, Massimo Bonini builds
custom-made strategies to support brands in bringing to life their vision..

Spirit & Mission

A family-run company, Massimo Bonini focuses on creating value for its brands and partners through innovation, creativity, excellence and the continue pursuit of a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.