The MB Spirit & Mission

The driving force that guides Massimo Bonini in its everyday operations is a creative vision that focuces on authenticity, expertise, relationships and credibility.




The mission of the company is to create value for all the stakeholders involved in the organization.

Being a family-owned and run company, Massimo Bonini is a strong believer in the power of community and its business is based on the concept of building networks of talented individuals and creating projects based on ground-breaking ideas, the pursue of beauty and innovative thinking.

The importance of having a long-term vision and a balance across business segments and geographies gives the company the kind of dynamism and adaptability that today’s market requires to ensure an organic and sustainable growth.




Massimo Bonini has always deeply cared about its impact on the planet and its pledges to reduce waste in its offices and throughout its operations is very important for the company

The use of single-use plastic is discouraged from its showrooms and recycling is common practice, along with a general mindfulness regarding waste and consumption

MB collaborates with several brands that are committed on using biodegradable materials, less water and natural dies.

One of the focus of the next years is to promote more labels that have sustainability at the core of their business and to help our brands develop collections that incorporate more ethical materials and processes so that we can ensure a better future for the environment and the next generations.