Massimo Bonini actively participates in the launch and development of some most exciting international brands, striving to create value and long-lasting businesses.

With permanent showrooms in Milan and NYC, Massimo Bonini’s teams work closely with each label to build custom-made strategies to give life to their vision and to achieve ambitious sales goals as well as a sustainable growth. MB is the go-to destination for the buyers of the most prestigious retailers and it became a destination to discover new brands, create new partnerships and special projects.


With over 30 years of experience, Massimo Bonini supports labels in defining and executing their plans by offering fully integrated support in brand building, sourcing, production and expansion into new markets and product categories.

The robust relationships established with talented designers, top retailers and manufacturers make Massimo Bonini the best platform when it comes to create new synergies for already existing
fashion companies or build a new project from the ground up.


Massimo Bonini works closely with some of the most prestigious factories in Italy so the company is able to offer bespoke solutions to its brands, based on their vision and overall goals.

The model is based on expertise and relationships and it’s aimed to increase production capability,
improve margins and efficiency.


Focused on digital communication and special initiatives Massimo Bonini’s internal marketing team collaborates with the commercial department to support in the promotion of the brand ‘s accessories collections. The department is fully integrated with the rest of the company ensuring the implementation and amplification of every message.