SARA BATTAGLIA introduces her SS20 Collection

SARA BATTAGLIA introduces her SS20 Collection:
the obsessive pursuit of beauty and hyper femininity reveals a subversive side

Being ‘perfectly pretty and put together’ is the ultimate declaration of sensuality, power and identity – all done with a polite, knowing smile, and in the best possible taste.
This season Sara Battaglia delights in playing with this concept, infusing her own unique view of the ultra – perfect modern woman through the beautifully fractured filter of Japanese pop art icon Yayoi Kusama and her kaleidoscopic polka dot world.
A gorgeous subversion:
bows and pleats, spots and stripes, frills and flounces  – iconic tropes of femininity are coopted, exaggerated, reinterpreted and crafted into striking shapes where proportions are in a state of constant flux.

A collection of pieces which take the Battaglia woman from boardwalk to boardroom and back again – all in the blink of a perfectly mascaraed eye.
Mediterranean sun: artfully tailored shapes, from simple A-lines to more embellished forms with ruching and oversized bows are designed to exalt the wearer’s legs and offer the chance to show off this season’s grand debut: the Sara Battaglia shoe collection.

Genteel pleats and polka-dots develop to become exaggerated, interspersed with iconic shapes in new derivations.

Bold bags like the KENDRA MAXI half-moon clutch brazenly sports its satin spots while the ROXANNE CLUTCH with its oversize origami pleated bows in jewel tones and graphic spots transforms this accessory into the star of any look.

The deceptively classical TOUJOURS bag in calf is the new chic companion for everyday adventures while Caroline mixes the traditional form of the saddle-bag with iconic Sara Battaglia plissé gusseting in sizes ranging from shoulder to mignon.
PRISCILLA joins the collection – a structured handbag softened by spotted silk-scarf detailing.

Iconic styles like the Plisse Tote, Franca, Delfina and Virgi return this season in audacious new seasonal colors.

The debut shoe collection is the natural evolution of the Sara Battaglia aesthetic, incorporating key brand signifiers and unexpected chromatic juxtapositions, all featuring the signature Battaglia emerald green on the sole – a collection of shoes that are as witty as they are wearable.
Some of Sara’s favorites are the ’First-Date’ mule, the ‘Toujours’ sabot, the ‘Bellini’ sandal and the ‘Sara’.
Quintessentially Milanese, sexy and elegant.