MFW – THEMOIRè presents ‘Together by THEMOIRè SS24 capsule collection

THEMOIRè presents ‘Together by THEMOIRè SS24 capsule collection during Milan Fashion Week

Milan, September 2023 –THEMOIRè launches with SS24 a special capsule collection from the TOGETHER by THEMOIRè // CHAPTER 03 COLOMBIA series. This marks the continuation of the brand’s third installment of the macro project which aims to enhance the artisanal heritage of some minorities in vulnerable situations by converting it into products and funding initiatives on the ground. TOGETHER by THEMOIRè // CHAPTER 03 is made in Sandonà, in southern Colombia. This town located in the mountainous area of the Nariño region is distinguished by its deep connection to traditions, where the art of weaving is the common thread of daily life and has been handed down for generations by the tejedoras, the women artisans who are the custodians of ancient processing practices. For this new project, THEMOIRè worked with a community of two hundred women who have made weaving natural Iraca fibers, which are biodegradable, their work and passion. Iraca, a typical palm species, is in fact commonly used with great care by local women artisans to make handmade products recognizable in design and quality.

Thanks to the contributions of Colombian women, several variations of the THEMOIRè collection have been created using two different traditional weaving techniques: first, a fine degradé weave derived from hand- dyeing iraca fibers; and second, a full-color, broadweave weave. From iconic designs such as Tia, Bios and Kobo to the new models including Flor and Phoebe which are hand and shoulder bags from a soft, contemporary shape. Each model is 100% hand-woven and developed in three colors inspired by the hues of Colombian cities. The goal of the TOGETHER by THEMOIRè project has always been to support local communities. In fact, 100% of the profits from the sale of the capsule will be donated to assist the children of tejedoras with disabilities and special needs, providing them with the help they need to live their lives in the best possible conditions.

With the first chapter of the TOGETHER by THEMOIRè project in 2021, we involved the Oxchuc community in Chiapas to create a collection of limited edition pieces. The proceeds from the sales had been reinvested, cooperating with the Cantaro Azul association, to bring potable water to 7 rural schools and teach children how to use this precious resource. The second chapter of this project, then featured the community of Antananarivo, in the red earth of Madagascar. Proceeds from sales were donated to support the Malagasy orphanage of 215 children of the Avoko Association. With the third chapter of the project,
reaching Colombia, we wish to assist the children of tejedoras with special needs. It is our intention to be truly supportive for these communities by working concretely for future generations," said Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, Founders and Creative Directors of THEMOIRè.

TOGETHER by THEMOIRè projects aim to enhance local crafts, preserve traditions and tell stories through images as well. In the creation of photographic and video material, the brand supports communities by always involving only local figures. In fact, the shots and video documentary presented were shot by Jorge
Panchoaga, a Colombian photographer with a special commitment to the environment and communities. Even small individual actions can support big dreams for a more responsible world.