The Antipode was born tomorrow. The Antipode stretches towards yesterday. The Antipode rests one foot in the future and one foot in the past. But The Antipode is firmly rooted in the present. The Antipode is Made in Italy. But The Antipode gets everywhere. The Antipode is the antipode of ordinary. The Antipode is extraordinary. The Antipode subverts the classic. The Antipode glorifies the classic – taking it to its antipodes. 

Who wears The Antipode shoes is taken in a place existing in different moments – an oneiric mix between past and future. This is possible thanks to the union between the traditional design and a contemporaneity that already looks at tomorrow. A melting pot of ideas and visions, aesthetics and instants. An encounter among today, yesterday, and tomorrow in the time-space continuum. 

The Antipode speaks to teenagers, young men, men. It speak to whom, day by day, is searching for an extra-ordinary detail. It speaks to whom wants to experiment, to whom is always on the lookout for something new without ever forgetting his own roots. To whom never forgets his starting point while still endlessly stretching towards the future and fully enjoying the present. All that Antipode wants is to tell the story of whom wears it.