Stella Stone and Joshua Billsborough of AT Studio, with the assistance of Giovanni Fazzini, have created the second immersive installation of 2023 commissioned by the Milanese showroom Massimo Bonini, in the light of their SS24 sales campaign, located at Via Manzoni 41, in Milan. AT Studio conceptualized, curated, and created an experiential installation, paying homage to the beauty and strength of stalagmites, seen as a historical symbol of the silent growth of nature.

“Above and Beyond” by Stella Stone and Joshua Billsborough explores the human and creative relationship in relation to the hidden and precious world of caves, caverns, stalactites, and stalagmites, studied as symbols of natural longevity and companionship related to human progress up until now. AT Studio chose to realize and study the forms, compositions, and develop a synthesis of these “patient sculptures,” created only by time, unintentionally.

They are monuments and natural heritages extremely delicate and to be preserved, given the state of the world and the unpredictable and disastrous weather conditions that will worsen with greater intensity. “Above and Beyond” is an artistic celebration of the natural sculptures that we often do not have the opportunity to encounter in our daily lives, with the recreation of a decontextualized place transported into a modern and urban environment. The surrealism of color, forms, and signs involves the observer in the discovery of an almost science-fiction-like landscape, always different and decentralized. The awareness of protecting these treasures created by the earth is imminent.

In honor of these “natural sculptures,” the works created by the Studio and the choice to dye and make them ultra-charismatic, emphasizes their importance and impact on our lives even more.

Artwork Name: “ABOVE AND BEYOND,” 2023

Artists: Stella Stone and Joshua Billsborough, Assistant: Giovanni Fazzini

Team: AT Studio

Social Credits: @atstudio__ / @stellastone_ / @bimbo_kermit / Assistant: @_gfaz

Composition of the Artwork: 7 islands of stalagmites and stalactites

Materials: Regenerated polystyrene, adhesive, cementite, spray, resin lacquer

Dimensions: Approx. 2.3 m x 2.5 m to 1.5 m x 1.8 m