Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry – Richard F.Feyman

THEMOIRè, the sustainable accessory brand launched in Milan in September 2019 by Salar Bicheranloo and

Francesca Monaco, presents its S/S 21 collection. According the brand’s mission, all the materials are biodegradable, organic, recycled and regenerated, from the product up to the packaging. In 2021 the brand continues to pursue the project to reforest the planet:

for each bag sold THEMOIRè will plant a new tree. Vegan leather, paper, cork, BCI, coated and laminated recycled organic cotton but also, for the first time, raffia. The warp, the thread and the fragment help to build the whole and refer to the origins of THEMOIRè,

which owes its name to the mythological Moire (Greek goddesses who intertwined the threads of destiny). In addition to THEMOIRè’s IT bags, BIOS and GEA – clutch with removable shoulder strap in vegan croco and soft vegan leather, cork and paper – and to the shoulder/handbag HERA launched with the FW 20-21 – soft body and stiffer structure on the sides -, two models of tote bags join the collection: IRIDA and CLIO.

The new tote bags, which preserve the characteristic curl in the maxi and mini version, are baptized with the names of the goddess personification of the rainbow and epic song.

For the first time, a classic print – that has become trendy – has also been included in the collection: the Toile de Jouy as well as a new woven Venetian effect.

Overall, the color palette of the bags collection is natural and refers to the colors of the earth: wood, sand, forest, dark blue, periwinkle, apricot and mint, however the hottest color of the summer is definitely orange. The resort collection on the other hand is characterized by suitable shades such as: burgundy, red, brown, mud, olive and green.