Benedetta Bruzziches gives birth to Lucia in the Sky the last September 2020, looking forward to bringing light and lightness.

 The name Lucia was borrowed by the master who made it. The super shy Lucia is showing here her magic hands in display of this totally handmade masterpiece. 

We couldn’t resist to showing you the craftsmanship process taking place in the atelier in Arezzo (Tuscany), where she works together with her husband. Here the Italian mastership in of goldsmith’s art fuses with the special expertise of brass workmanship.

The idea is to lend an air of intangibility to the metal; As Michelangelo taught, an art object can be “freed” from the material that encloses it until an artist encounters it. 

Like marble under Michelangelo’s chisel, to give birth to Lucia in the sky a brass sheet is emptied and becomes a thin frame for a row of swinging crystals. Light weft, neat shape, magic and lustrous: a little treasure is born.

Always ready, never prepared: that’s how Lucia chooses her woman. Timeless appeal for this lightness masterpiece that brings its name from the italian master who shaped it.

As marble under Michelangelo’s chisel, a brass sheet is emptied and it become a thin frame for swinging crystals row. Lucia gives intangibility to metal. With her light weft, neat shape, and magic lustrous that is immediately iconic.

It is available in four colour, with a removable silk satin pouch.