GIAQUINTO for its RESORT 21 collection continues its creative path by seeking super-defined silhouettes, a new structural minimalism where geometry becomes the protagonist of the stylistic creation. Recovers and re-elaborates its DNA. Attention is focused on the restyling of its stylistic codes: minimal and essential aesthetics and, at the same time, delicate and seductive.

The art of simplification becomes deeper and more emotional. It is a modernizing approach: apparently instinctive but ultimately quite reflective; a new interpretation, the union between past and future identity.

This research results into a distinctive style, which embodies modern femininity in all its facets; a style that is a delicate balance between practicality and elegance, between functionality and the search for beauty.

The collection has a conceptual approach; the constructions of the bags defined by a play of geometric lines have been softened into more feminine forms with an unexpected softness. Shapes are kept sculptural but with dynamic, chic and modernist lines.


Silhouettes are also immediately identifiable in a conceptual aesthetic that becomes the ethics of the GIAQUINTO label. Hardware is revisited in its highly recognizable form with greater minimalism and essentiality. The color palette refers to natural tones with the exception of passion pink which gives energy and femininity to the collection.

The color chart is also highlighted by the use of the fabric, a natural woven fabric that reinforces the brand’s craftsmanship. Thanks to the chromatic choice, constructions are enhanced and taken to the extreme thanks to the two-tone that emphasizes the asymmetrical cuts.