Is it not a date that always marks our destiny?

The date we are born. The date of our first kiss or our first big party. Or our wedding day.

And so we want to identify ourselves with a date, because not a single day can ever be lost from the unchanging calendar.

It will always be there.

Rebirth means innovating and reinventing. Constantly. But on solid, values-based, creative, and productive foundations.

We are three women. Three sisters. Three personalities forming a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like all women.

We have taken over the reins of our family business. And just like for every birth, 3 June is a new day for us. And a new name too.

A number.

Whole, because it is more than the solitude of one and the opposition of two.

It’s three. Like us. As manifold as femininity with all its different facets. Ours. Wilful, electric, strong, romantic and impetuous, always.

A month.

June: the very essence of the closed-up world returning to life. Of spring about to bloom into summer.

A number and a word, then; swift signs and sounds, youthful, cosmopolitan and fashionable like French, but strengthened by the beauty,

design and quality that only Italy can express.

Characteristics articulated by our style and our communication. But especially by our product.

After all, in just one woman there may be three.

Elegant. Dynamic. Goddess.