Just as “THE MOIRES” orchestrated the destiny of people, we would like to sew the seams of a more sustainable future.

the moirè collage

1 – A green and all made in Italy project. How and when is it born?

THEMOIRè is a project born in Milan in December 2019 with the aim of generating a positive change for people and for our planet, creating a brand with the least possible environmental impact, ethical and ecologically responsible, with particular attention to functional elegance and quality. THEMOIRè’s goal is to involve and create a community interested in the planet, active, conscious, true. Who wears THEMOIRè wishes to be part of the network that interacts and connects through themes and topics of social interest.

2 – The name of the brand has a very interesting origin, the Moire of Greek mythology. Why this choice?

The mythological Moires, Greek goddesses incarnations of destiny, they controlled the mother thread of life as THEMOIRè through its threads seeks to promote responsibility for the environment and the values of integration and equality.

3 – What kind of materials do you use?

Protecting nature is one of our biggest concerns, we create our products using as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. The material research is very important for a project like THEMOIRè, we use Vegan Leather made with PU (that is an eco-alternative to PVC), cork, raffia and 100% recycled eco-fur (made from recycled polyester). Also THEMOIRè has recently introduced some new and innovative materials like eco-leather obtained from the Nopal Cactus plant, from apple industry wastes, from paper, etc…                                                                                All linings are made using 100% recycled materials, predominantly from PET plastic bottles, even  the threads and internal labels are formed from recycled nylon, which partially comes from fishing nets.

4 – Do you have an iconic product, that represents your brand philosophy?

THEMOIRé debuted at the end of 2019 like a monoproduct project: BIOS, a soft and elegant maxi clutch. The BIOS bag takes its name from “life” in Greek. All THEMOIRè bags are characterized by a shape that recalls vintage details reinterpreted in a modern and sophisticated key.

5 – THEMOIRè FOREST, what is it?

We are conscious that to avoid catastrophic environmental changes by using recycled materials won’t be enough, and for this reason THEMOIRè donate a percentage of its profit to organizations that are committed to climate change. Moreover, THEMOIRè plants a tree for every sold bag, and the tree certificate is sent to the costumers who tag us on Instagram. You can visit the digital THEMOIRè forest to see how many CO2 we are saving and how many and what kind of trees have been planted.

6 – Many are now rightly convinced that the fashion industry must move towards a process of renewal for the protection of people and the planet. But not everyone has yet embraced the philosophy of sustainability. In your opinion, how can you give a new impulse to the world of fashion?

We’re very satisfied with the results we have achieved just one year after launching, especially in a year like the one just past. Protecting our planet and preserving it for the future of mankind is a global priority. At the core of what we have created is the development of new, sustainable materials and ethical practices. Change must be supported, like a river that flows and disperses, the transformation that occurs at its mouth is found at the estuary, so the energy generated by a positive change reverberates, creating new opportunities. We are all interconnected and interdependent: a dynamic network. In a very complex international economic scenario, buyers and customers rewarded us by appreciating the coherence of a project like THEMOIRè, they understood and shared it, contributing to its success.

This is the real goal of THEMOIRè.