Natalia Maczek and Thomas Wirski are the designers creating clothes in the old-fashion aesthetic with a bit of hooliganism, which perfectly describes the name of the brand – MISBHV.

From the beginning, MISBHV released four seasons in a row. Despite the fact that these collections were only for men, clothes women wore the same clothes as well. The main success came pretty fast and after their debut on NYFW16, this brand gained worldwide popularity.

A lot of people wear MISBHV nowadays: from a 19-year-old girl who goes to a nightclub to Rihanna, who has an iconic style. A$AP Rocky, Kim Kardashian, Hadid sisters, and others have been seen rocking the brand’s pieces of clothes too.

That is very beneficial for MISBHV because the brand is going to be more and more popular as long as celebrities keep wearing it. This strategy will also attract fans to save money and buy something from MISBHV.